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"Life is a Mandelbrot Set, I paint life and I paint the universe" - Aelita Andre, 2016


Career summary with links:

Born in Melbourne, Australia, 2007

First begins painting at 9 months old

First solo exhibition at 2 years old in BSG Gallery, Melbourne, Australia


Solo Exhibition Highlights:

  • 4 New York solo shows

  • 1 Museum solo show Russia.

  • 4 Hong Kong solo shows

  • 1 solo show, China

  • 4 solo shows, Australia

  • Aelita Andre, at 9 years old, is the youngest artist to ever have her work featured in a solo museum exhibition.


Most important Museum solo Exhibition: 2016, 'Music of the Infinite' solo show at the famed Russian Academy of Fine Arts Museum, St Petersburg, Russia

Painting style is categorised as Magical Abstraction

Range of Work: painting, Touchpaints, Soundpaintings, music, drawing, Sculpture, Installations

  • At age 9 Aelita Andre is the youngest artist to ever have her work featured in a solo museum exhibition staging her solo exhibition in the Russian Academy of Fine Arts Museum, St Petersburg, Russia 2016

  • Youngest entrant in Wikipedia for a person for their own accomplishments

  • Live painting in front of the largest single audience in history - 20,000 people in the LDS stadium, Utah, USA, 2014

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