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Featuring 50 high quality images of a selection of Aelita Andre's paintings along with a brief account of the extraordinary life so far of this amazing artist.

Limited edition

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Currently these books are special order. Please order these books by requesting the title in an email on the contact page. After receiving payment your book will be promptly shipped to your address in the contact details.

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Music of The Infinite

This is the official Museum show catalogue from Aelita Andre's highly successful solo exhibition in the prestigious Russian Academy of Fine Arts Museum, held, in St Petersburg, Russia. The catalogue feature all the works from the show; a foreword from the museum director, and an in-depth description and analysis of this extraordinary artist and her groundbreaking work.

$ 24.99

Please allow 4-6 weeks delivery

Please allow 4-6 weeks delivery

Please allow 4-6 weeks delivery

Aelita: Invisible Universes

A key concept in the art of Aelita Andre's is her thematic preoccupation with making the invisible visible. This book feature lavish images of her many works that give visual expression to the infinite vastness of space and the galaxies and black holes that are too vast to be comprehensible or incapable of being seen by any conventional means available to us. Enjoy the brilliant high gloss reproductions of Aelita Andre's art while marvelling at the extraordinary talent of this globally recognised artist.


Aelita Andre

This coffee table book features exquisite ultra glossy images of Aelita Andre's paintings from the the first five years of her career. It has a brief foreword and the entire book is devoted to her many masterpieces as well as details from many of the works. A very special and exclusive collectors edition.


The Unknown Mysteries of Art

This book features many key and genre defining works from the first ten years of Aelita's career. It explres the fascinating and little understood field of childhood creativity and subconscious pre-cognitive impulses, which influence and inform the creation of art, with Aelita Andre 's art as the focus of the book. It explores this extraordinarily talented and globally recognised artist.


Please allow 4-6 weeks delivery

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