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​​​​Aelita Andre

painter & interactive soundpainting artist

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 Aelita Andre unveils new collection:



Art Basel


5-8 Dec 2018

Aelita Andre unveils her latest solo show, 'Infinite WONDER' during Art Basel, showcasing her new body of work featuring the epic 'The Sound of Multiple Bubble Universes'. 

"I want my paintings to sing! I want to give the silent cosmos a voice so everyone can hear it!" - Aelita Andre.


The new collection of major works will be unveiled during Art Basel Miami and is part of the WONDER kids empowerment initiative. Children should be recognised as a powerhouse of creativity in the arts! 


The exhibition features the major work from Aelita Andre's 'touchsound' series, 'The Sound of Multiple Bubble Universes'.  She will be performing live, playing her painting. Aelita Andre is pioneering the concept of the canvas as a musical instrument. Not only are her abstract works epic but they produce a symphony of majestic freeform music, elevating painting to a 'cinematic' experience.

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